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About Us

We at Scissors Paper Stone are a team of professionals who specialise in kids-oriented businesses and services, catering to children’s needs with much expertise and experience. Our focus is entirely on ensuring that kids get the most out of the activities we provide them, ‘cos kids deserve fun!

We aim to create a comprehensive experience for kids and parents alike – by combining grooming (Scissors), education & enrichment (Paper) and sports & fitness (Stone) services for kids into a hassle-free one-stop shop, eliminating the unnecessary trouble for parents to organise schedules and handle bills for their children’s activities separately. This way, kids can enjoy a wide variety of engaging and productive activities, and parents can enjoy some much-needed free time doing things they like! Hey, parents deserve fun, too!

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‘cos kids deserve fun!

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For the time being, Scissors Paper Stone currently only provides haircut services for kids. We’ll be looking to expand into the “Paper” and “Stone” areas soon enough!